Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pinterest Rustic Photo Frame

 Homemade Photo Display Frame

Here is my first creation that I found while looking through Pinterest.  I have seen this style of frame out in stores and it always seems to cost just a bit too much for me to be willing to shell out money for one.

One day, I ran across this pin on Pinterest and I realized I could do this for less than half the cost of a new, shiny one in a trendy store.  The original pin gave instructions on how to create the frame, but I already had a large frame, so I skipped through those steps.  You can usually find large frames at flea markets or yard sales, also.

I already had an old photo frame in our storage house that was collecting dust, so I cleaned it off and added a fresh coating of wood stain.

I purchased a picture hanging kit from Michael's Craft Store for about $10 (you could probably get it cheaper somewhere else).  Instead of using twine, I used picture hanging wire and the hooks included in the kit to secure the wire.

I purchased a box of small clips for about $4 to hang my photos with.  Since making the frame, I found some really cute mini clothes hangers at Walmart (in the office supply area) for about $2 and I have switched out the clips for the clothes hangers.  They both work well, but the clips have a more industrial look.

To have a more uniform look, I took a group of some of my favorite photos and uploaded them to a photo printing website.  I edited them to make them all black and white and added white borders around the photos to frame each picture.

I love it and whenever I get tired of a set of photos, I can switch them out!

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