Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pinterest Rustic Photo Frame

 Homemade Photo Display Frame

Here is my first creation that I found while looking through Pinterest.  I have seen this style of frame out in stores and it always seems to cost just a bit too much for me to be willing to shell out money for one.

One day, I ran across this pin on Pinterest and I realized I could do this for less than half the cost of a new, shiny one in a trendy store.  The original pin gave instructions on how to create the frame, but I already had a large frame, so I skipped through those steps.  You can usually find large frames at flea markets or yard sales, also.

I already had an old photo frame in our storage house that was collecting dust, so I cleaned it off and added a fresh coating of wood stain.

I purchased a picture hanging kit from Michael's Craft Store for about $10 (you could probably get it cheaper somewhere else).  Instead of using twine, I used picture hanging wire and the hooks included in the kit to secure the wire.

I purchased a box of small clips for about $4 to hang my photos with.  Since making the frame, I found some really cute mini clothes hangers at Walmart (in the office supply area) for about $2 and I have switched out the clips for the clothes hangers.  They both work well, but the clips have a more industrial look.

To have a more uniform look, I took a group of some of my favorite photos and uploaded them to a photo printing website.  I edited them to make them all black and white and added white borders around the photos to frame each picture.

I love it and whenever I get tired of a set of photos, I can switch them out!

Pinterest Easter Wreath

For the past few months, I have been addicted to a photo and website sharing site called Pinterest.  Browsing through the many photos, I have found several products, rearranged my spice rack, created a frame that displays 16 photos, cooked new recipes, and last night we made two Easter themed wreaths to hang on our doors.  I am going to start adding my Pinterest creations, one by one, soon. 

When I say "we", I mean myself and my two daughters.  They helped pick out the items and they glued the daisies on each wreath for me.  : ) 

I found a similar wreath on Pinterest, but could not find the same type of "grassy" yarn at any of the four stores I visited.  The girls and I settled on a soft, pastel green yarn that is meant for making baby blankets, etc.  I purchased two foam wreaths, two spring colored ribbons with wire, and two sets of daisies in the sewing section of the store.  I wrapped the yarn around and around several times and tied the ends off.  As I wrapped, I made sure to tighten as I went along, so the yarn would not sag.  The rest was pretty easy.  I cut and made two small bows and glued a piece of ribbon around the wreath for hanging.  The girls helped me hot glue each daisy (we used 30 per wreath) to their wreath. 

It came out rather cute.  In the future, I would like to use a bolder colored yarn and add something like Easter eggs, larger flowers, etc.  This can really go any direction for any occasion. 

The best part is that my girls were able to help out!