Monday, April 30, 2012

I love IKEA!  I really love, LOVE, lOvE that store!  If I could live there, I would move out of my home immediately and move my family there.  It's a little dream I have.  While my kids and husband would rather stay at Great Wolf Lodge up the road a bit, I would rather spend my money shopping at IKEA.  

The closest IKEA is over two hours away, by vehicle, in Charlotte, NC, but I could go every week and never get tired of visiting. To me, IKEA is like taking a vacation.  I LOVE IKEA!  Oh, did I mention how much I LOVE IKEA?!?!?!?  : )

Any-who... IKEA obsession aside... I kept seeing great organizational ideas on Pinterest and decided to try it out on my own.  It gave me a good excuse to shop at my favorite store... you guessed it, IKEA!   

This is pretty simple and the photo is self explanatory.  I bought two of IKEA's Bygel hanging bars, several sets of Grundtal hooks, three Fintorp metal buckets and hung them all to make a catch all for our keys and sunglasses.  I love it!  

Very inexpensive and useful.

I love IKEA!!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hair Bow Frame

Okay, I cannot tell a lie... I am officially addicted to Pinterest and finding and creating new ways to use old items!  I have been looking for ways to organize and display my girls hair bows for a while and I finally decided to try one of the hair bow frames I came across on Pinterest. This was super easy and only took about an hour to make (not counting paint drying).

The original pin I found and used to inspire my creation was here: Hair Bow Holder Tutorial  or here at the original blog post.

Here is my creation and what I used to make it:

I would love to make another one with a funky color and maybe animal print ribbons.  I chose white and matching shades of brown and turquoise to match the colors of our bathroom, since it serves as a guest bath, as well as, my girls bathroom. 

Here are the supplies you will need to make your own Hair Bow Frame:

  • An old frame (Remove the back, glass, and any other parts that may get in the way)
  • A can of spray paint (Slow and steady wins the race, don't rush spray painting, take your time)
  • Patience! (My frame was dry within 20 minutes of spray painting, by placing in the warm sun)
  • Picture Hanger (Make sure you have a hanger attached to the back of your frame and that you know where you will hang your frame, once it is finished)
  • Ribbon(s) of your choosing (This was the hardest part for me.  So many ribbons to choose from.)
  • Measuring Tape  (Measure a few inches past the length of your frame, so you can fold the ribbon over and glue it down on top of itself, to prevent fraying.)
  • Scissors (To cut your ribbon to size and to help push down on the hot glue, to avoid burning your fingers!)
  •  Glue Gun (You can use the glue gun alone or with a staple gun, for a more secure bond.)
  • Staple Gun (I used my manual gun after hot gluing the ribbon into place on the back of the frame.  It was really easy to staple into the frame.  I didn't need to use an electric gun at all.)

That's it!  The girls love it and it gets the hair bows out of the drawers, baskets, and off of the counter top.  They are displayed neatly and tucked away on the wall, not around the sink!  Woo Hoo!!!

I can't wait to make another one, with more personality!