Friday, May 28, 2010

Two Bees Tutus Review

For the month of May, Two Bees Tutus is helping our local CHD support group, Triangle Mended Little Hearts, raise money.  I have to give them props for working one on one with me, the customer, to ensure that my order was to my liking and that everything was correct.  It's so nice to have great customer service!

They made my 8 year old daughter's idea a reality when they took her drawing and made it into a painted piece for her wall.  The Hair Bow Holder is going to be the focal point of my daughter's Aqua Green wall!  My daughter came up with this idea:

And this is what Cynthia and Theo created for her:

Absolutely gorgeous!  Don't you think?  I wish I could have had one of these as a child.  This is something she will be able to keep for years and hopefully, hand down to her kids one day.

My 5 year old, almost 6 year old, wanted a Tutu for dressing up.  She loves to pretend she is a ballerina or a princess, so she chose something she could play in.  After she sees her sister's Hair Bow Holder, she may rethink her idea, though!  I'm sure we will be ordering a Tutu Holder to hang in her room, too!

What were their reactions to their Two Bees gifts?  How about this?

If you'd like to order one of Two Bees Tutus items or have them create a princess and pirate party for your little one, visit their blog, facebook page, or email them! 

For more information about Triangle Mended Little Hearts, please visit their blog, facebook page, twitter, or email them.

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  1. How cute! I love it - especially that they created it using her ideas! :)