Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I don't quite know when it happened, but somewhere between my marriage and having kids, folks decided they don't need to RSVP anymore.  What gives?  I admit, I have forgotten to RSVP on occasion, but I try.  I really hope that more than two classmates show up to my daughter's sixth birthday party on Sunday afternoon.  What a disappointment that would be!  And why is it so hard to get people to attend parties on Sundays?  My husband works six days a week, so it's difficult for us to schedule parties on Saturdays.  I've found that there is a dramatic drop in turnouts for parties on Sundays, compared to Saturdays.  Hm...


  1. Even Saturdays are hard. We try to do ours early or late (10-12 or 4-6 so people still have the rest of the day... but rsvps just don't happen anymore. :(

    Your theme of confetti is intiguing to me - can you email me at with your thoughts ont he theme?