Monday, April 30, 2012

I love IKEA!  I really love, LOVE, lOvE that store!  If I could live there, I would move out of my home immediately and move my family there.  It's a little dream I have.  While my kids and husband would rather stay at Great Wolf Lodge up the road a bit, I would rather spend my money shopping at IKEA.  

The closest IKEA is over two hours away, by vehicle, in Charlotte, NC, but I could go every week and never get tired of visiting. To me, IKEA is like taking a vacation.  I LOVE IKEA!  Oh, did I mention how much I LOVE IKEA?!?!?!?  : )

Any-who... IKEA obsession aside... I kept seeing great organizational ideas on Pinterest and decided to try it out on my own.  It gave me a good excuse to shop at my favorite store... you guessed it, IKEA!   

This is pretty simple and the photo is self explanatory.  I bought two of IKEA's Bygel hanging bars, several sets of Grundtal hooks, three Fintorp metal buckets and hung them all to make a catch all for our keys and sunglasses.  I love it!  

Very inexpensive and useful.

I love IKEA!!!!


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